Your privacy is important to us and we want you to know our policy regarding how we collect information from visitors to our Website and other related sites, the use we make of such information and some observations that you should keep in mind.

The information composed of names, surname, maternal surname, telephone numbers, emails, sex, interests, IP address and other information requested through this Website and other related sites will be contained in our Institutional Database and have your consent from the moment you press the “Send” button.

This consent implies the following points:

1° Universidad Católica San Pablo respects the privacy of the personal information of the user and guarantees its confidentiality, taking into account the guarantees and reservation that the Political Constitution imposes, the laws and regulations on personal data protection and other concordant norms, whether in the processing of personal data requested through the Website and other related sites, such as the implementation of appropriate technical and organizational measures. Universidad Católica San Pablo will not transfer to third parties information contained in our Institutional Data Base without the authorization of the user.

2° The user confers express authorization to Universidad Católica San Pablo to use the information related to their personal profile to create a personalized content, to provide a product or service, to charge a product or service you request, to inform you about products and services that we create may be of your interest or to communicate for any other reason. The user also accepts that Universidad Católica San Pablo may use personal information to create aggregate reports, surveys or similar.

3° The user authorizes Universidad Catolica San Pablo to contact him / her by phone, to send him / her to the indicated email address commercial information and / or the one which he / she considers important.

4° Universidad Católica San Pablo is not responsible for any consequence derived from the undue entry of third parties to the Institutional Data Base and / or by any technical failure in the operation and / or conservation of data.

5° We may store some information commonly referred to as a “cookie” on your computer when you visit the Website and other related sites. This information facilitates the personalization of your use of the Website and ensures that you do not need to enter your information each time you visit us. You can delete or block this information from your computer if you wish. (Your ‘help’ screen or your user manual will tell you how to do it).

6° This Website may contain links to Websites that Universidad Catolica San Pablo does not own, control or maintain. We can not be held responsible for their privacy policies or practices and we do not represent or warrant the privacy policies of those Sites. Likewise, we are not responsible for the policies or practices of any Site from which you connected to our Website. We recommend that you verify the privacy policy of other Sites and that you communicate with the operator if you have any questions or doubts.

7° Although Universidad Catolica San Pablo adopts all the technical measures at its disposal to provide the security of the case, the user accepts and knows that any communication service, access or messages transmitted by Internet or that come from or are sent from this Website and other related sites are subject to the vulnerability of the means used for such access, so we inform you of these possible contingencies and the user fully assumes the risk, freeing any responsibility to Universidad Católica San Pablo, before the possibility or event of that the communication can be intercepted by third parties, without their consent.

8° The user can revoke the consent to use their personal data so that we send information about our products and services by email or other means of communication, granted to Universidad Catolica San Pablo through the Website, entering to http: //, filling in the form, selecting the type “Cancellation” and pressing “Send”.

9° The user can modify the personal data that has been provided to Universidad Catolica San Pablo through the Website by entering to, filling out the form, selecting the type “Rectification” and pressing “Send”.

10° The personal data requested from the user of Universidad Catolica San Pablo provides the appropriate technical resources to take notice of this Privacy Policy and any other information that may be relevant, constituting the entry of Personal Data or confidential information on the Website and other related sites expressing your consent to this Privacy Policy.

11° The personal data to which Universidad Catolica San Pablo will have access will be those that the user voluntarily provides. This is why our users are informed that, to register and register in some products or services that we offer through the Website, you will be asked for personal data. If the user does not provide them, they can not access or use the mentioned services and contents.

Conditions of use, notifications and revisions

The Privacy Policy of Universidad Catolica San Pablo has been updated in December of 2018.

If you visit our Website, your visit and any dispute over privacy are subject to this privacy statement and our general terms of use, including any limitations on damages, arbitration of disputes and enforcement of the provisions of law.

Universidad Católica San Pablo reserves the right to modify its Web Privacy Policy and other related sites in response to current legislation or its own institutional criteria. If any change is made to this Policy, the new text will be published on this Website.

To make any query about this Privacy Policy you can contact us by email to