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San Pablo




They are students from universities with which we have a student mobility agreement and may join UCSP as exchange students so long as they are selected and introduced by their home university. These students will enjoy the benefits mentioned in each agreement. The conditions, requirements and application process must be sent directly by the home university to UCSP.


They are students from universities with which we do not have an agreement but who wish to have an academic experience by attending a semester at our university. These students must meet the application requirements and must send them to incoming@ucsp.edu.pe in order to be admitted by DRIC. Once admitted, they will be able to study in the UCSP (bearing the academic costs), they will be able to register in the courses they are interested in, up to a maximum of 22 credits per semester.


This program is composed of three activities: communication in Spanish language, culture and volunteering. The student will also attend regular classes at UCSP with Peruvian students, up to a maximum of 22 credits.



You can study at UCSP for one semester, maximum two.

  • Attendance at classes does not lead to a degree or a diploma at UCSP.
  • Validation of courses for exchange students will be in compliance with the agreements between UCSP and their home university.
  • International students may choose courses of different semesters and majors, depending on the available vacancies.
  • UCSP offers courses in Spanish only. Students require an intermediate or advanced level in Spanish to understand lectures and assignments.
  • Deadline for the home university to introduce the international student to our office:
    • If the student wishes to study Semester I (March to July): October 15th of the previous year.
    • If the student wishes to study Semester II (August to December): April 15th of the same year.


Documents you must submit to start the application and selection process:

  • Official nomination of the home university or academic institution.
  • Official transcript.
  • Letter of recommendation written by any member of the academic institution.
  • 1 color photography (white background, JPG format, 24-bit color and resolution of 300 dpi).
  • 1 photocopy of the passport or any other identity document.
  • Copy of the international health insurance policy.
  • Essay to apply to the Spanish Immersion Program or essay to apply to the UCSP Mobility Program.

The international student must send the required documents to the email address incoming@ucsp.edu.pe, subject: International Student Application. In addition, you agree to turn in the original documents for official registration when you join UCSP.


Academic costs (visiting students)


Registration fees US$ 100 (one payment only)
Monthly tuition Between 18 and 22 credits, 5 installments of US$ 475 each.
Between 1 and 17 credits, you will pay US$ 22 per credit, in 5 installments.


  • 1 academic hour of theory class per week equals 1 semester credit.
  • 1 academic hour of laboratory class per week equals 0.5 semester credit.
  • Each course has a value in credits, and one academic hour is 45 minutes.
  • All classes in one academic semester meet for seventeen weeks.
  • Tuition for the academic semester must be paid in five installments, each one the first or the second business day of each month.


Estimate budget for one month:


Accommodation US$ 150 – 450
Food US$ 100
Photocopies/study materials US$ 50
Personal expenses US$ 100
Commute US$ 50



A San Pablo Pal is an experienced student who wishes to accompany the international student throughout their attendance at UCSP. As the Pals have been UCSP students for several semesters, they know very well the regulations and procedures of the university.

The San Pablo Pals have an invaluable perspective that contributes to a unique academic, social, cultural and sporting experience.


In this program the international student will experience, among other things, the warmth of being part of a Peruvian family.