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IEEE Standard Educational Kits – SEK

The IEEE Standard Education Kits, former IEEE LEGO category, goal is to present an stimulating challange to undergraduate students that need to assemble autonomous robots using aproved educational kits for the competition. Two cooperative robots must act to perform a task that changes every year.


Same as last year

Allowed Kits and Sensors

  • VEX:
    • Autonomous Control Starter Bundle with Cortex
    • Any MIX of Classroom Lab Kits

It is allowed to mix VEX kits with VEX kits only.

  • LEGO:
    • LEGO MINDSTORMS with RCX 2.0
    • LEGO NXT

It is allowed to mix LEGO kits with LEGO kits only.

There are two extra sensors that can be used with LEGO kits: compass and NXT Color Sensor V2. Other sensors have to be approved by the committee for the next year. TETRIX kit is not allowed in this year.


This category has been played in Brazil since 2003. The last results are:

LARC 2012
  • Champion: EDROM (Brazil)
  • Vice-champion: UNIVILLE(Brazil)
LARC 2010
  • Champion: UFES Ultrabots (Brazil)
  • Vice-champion: EDROM (Brazil)
LARC 2009
  • Champion: UFES Ultrabots (Brazil)
  • Vice-champion: SCRAT (Brazil)
LARC 2008
  • Champion: UFES Ultrabots (Brazil)
  • Vice-champion: Pegasos (Mexico)
LARC 2007
  • Champion: Jaguartronic (Mexico)
  • Vice-champion: SP15 (Venezuela)
LARC 2006
  • Champion: sp14.gia.usb.ve (Venezuela)
  • Vice-champion: Murphy Team (Brazil)
LARC 2005
  • Champion: RCX-CDRC (Mexico)
  • Vice-champion: Krovitronix (Brazil)