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IEEE Open Category

IEEE Open has the objective of presenting a high level challenge to the students. In this league any equipment can be used to assembly a autonomous robot which ought to accomplish a task which is changed each year. The tasks of the IEEE Open try to reproduce the challenges of the real robotics in a minor scale…


Same as last year


This category has been played in Brazil since 2003. The last results are:

LARC 2012
  • Champion: DROID – UnB (Brazil)
  • Vice-champion: BAHIA-IEEE – UNEB (Brazil)
LARC 2010
  • Champion: UstaBot_102 (Colombia)
  • Vice-champion: UstaBot_101(Colombia)
LARC 2009
  • Champion: Usta_bot_93 (Colombia)
  • Vice-champion: Usta_bot_91 (Colombia)
LARC 2008
  • Champion: Pumas UNAM (Mexico)
  • Vice-champion: G.E.D. Escorpion(Colombia)
LARC 2007
  • Champion: INacional 2K7 (Chile)
  • Vice-champion: ROAUCAB (Venezuela)
LARC 2006
  • Champion: Short Circuit (Mexico)
  • Vice-champion: Armando Casas Team (Chile)