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RoboCup Soccer Simulation 2D

In this simulated league two teams of 11 intelligent autonomous agents plays a soccer game in two dimensions. Each agent which represents one player receives limited information about the game situation and ought to decide his action thinking in the team as a whole.


The same used in RoboCup.

Same as last year


This category has been played in Brazil since 2005. The last results are:

LARC 2012
  • Champion: ITANDROIDS – ITA (Brazil)
  • Vice-champion: Warthog – USP-São Carlos (Brazil)
CBR 2011
  • Champion: GPR2D (Brazil)
  • Vice-champion: WARTHOG ROBOTICS(Brazil)
LARC 2010
  • Champion: GEARSim (Brazil)
  • Vice-champion: MECATEAM (Brazil)
CBR 2009
  • Champion: GEARSim (Brazil)
  • Vice-champion: Furgbol (Brazil)
CBR 2008
  • Champion: Pet_Soccer (Brazil)
  • Vice-champion: Bahia2D (Brazil)
CBR 2006
  • Champion: FEI (Brazil)
  • Vice-champion: MecaTeam (Brazil)
CBR 2005
  • Champion: Itandroids (Brazil)
  • Vice-champion: MecaTeam (Brazil)