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RoboCup Rescue Simulation Agents

The Agents competition involves scoring competing agent coordination algorithms on different maps of the Robocup Rescue simulation platform. The challenge in this case involves developing coordination algorithms that will enable teams of Ambulances, Police forces, and Fire Brigades to save as many civilians as possible and extinguish fires in a city where an earthquake has just happened.


the same used in RoboCup.

Same as last year


This category has been played in Brazil since 2006. The last results are:

LARC 2012
  • Champion: LTI-Agents – POLI-USP (Brazil)
CBR 2011
  • Champion: LTI Agents (Brazil)
  • Vice-champion: epicenter (Brazil)
LARC 2010
  • Champion: epicenter (Brazil)
  • Vice-champion: LTI Agents (Brazil)
Brazil Open 2006
  • Champion: ITANDROIDS-RS (Brazil)