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RoboCup Humanoid

In the Humanoid League, autonomous robots with a human-like body plan and human-like senses play soccer against each other. In addition to soccer games, penalty kick competitions and technical challenges will take place. The robots are divided into two size classes: KidSize (30-60cm height) and TeenSize (80-130cm height). Dynamic walking, running, and kicking the ball while maintaining balance, visual perception of the ball, other players, and the field, self-localization, and team play are among the many research issues investigated in the Humanoid League.


The same used in RoboCup.

Same as last year


This category has been played in Brazil since 2010. The last results are:

LARC 2012
  • Champion: EDROM – UFU  (Brazil)
  • Vice-Champion: Cyberlords (Mexico)
LARC 2010
  • Champion: Cyberlords (Mexico)
  • Vice-champion: MauaBots (Brazil)