Maximum poster size: A1 or US 24" by 36"

Purpose: Poster sessions help facilitate the exchange of ideas in an informal setting. During the poster session, the presenter stands by the poster and discusses it with conference attendees.

Presentation: In order to be able to present to more than a couple of conference participants at a time, please make your poster easy to grasp
from a distance of at least two metres (six feet). Use large fonts, and clear pictures. Make sure that your main ideas stand out on the poster. Use tables and graphs instead of text where possible. Avoid complete sentences and entire paragraphs and footnotes - save these for handouts. You should aim for your presentation to contain no more than 300 words.

Format: We recommend the following sizes for a poster:
* Heading/Title: 2.5 cm in height (72 pt)
* Name(s) and Affiliation(s) of authors: 2 cm in height (48 pt)
* Body Text: 1 cm in height (28 pt)

Internationalization: Please remember that this is an international conference and words such as lab, class, course, etc. may mean different things to different audiences, and may have to be clarified. State measurements in both metric and US standard units.

Handout: We recommend that you provide a handout of a more extended treatment of your work, and your contact information. We suggest that you bring up to 50 copies.

Talking posters: For "talking posters" and posters where ideas are to be solicited from conference participants, the minimum display requirement is a heading and author information plus at least one paragraph explaining the purpose of the poster.

Online Demo: If you plan to demonstrate your work online, please bring a laptop with a fully-charged battery. Assume that WiFi access may not be available or may be spotty.