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Acerca de Arequipa

Arequipa is located at 2,360 meters above sea level in the buttresses of the Peruvian Andes, surrounded by majestic volcanoes, among which the Misti stands out, a beautiful snowy peak of 5,822 meters above sea level. It is precisely in this chain where the world-famous “Mummy Juanita” was found.

Arequipa is known as the “White City” because of the special whiteness of the “sillar”, abundant volcanic stone in the area, with which its magnificent temples were built such as the one of La Compañía, convents such as Santa Catalina and palaces such as Huasacache, also known as The Founder’s Mansion.

In the department of Arequipa is located the Colca Canyon, known as the deepest and most beautiful in the world and which is the cradle of the Andean condor. The heights that surround it are populated with “auquénidos” having turned it into the first producer and exporter center of wool, mainly of alpaca and vicuña.

Arequipa is also the most important commercial and industrial center of southern Peru and is considered the second city in the country. Crossing trains, planes and roads, is surrounded by large mining seats that have earned it to be chosen consecutively in recent years as the headquarters of the Convention of Mining Engineers of Peru.

Mestizo city, with a strong personality that has given Peru a great number of men and women like Sister Ana de los Angeles Monteagudo, Juan Pablo Vizcardo y Guzmán, Mariano Melgar, Álvarez Thomas, Nicolás de Piérola, Francisco Mostajo, José Luis Bustamante and Rivero, Víctor Andrés Belaunde, Cardinal Juan Landázuri Ricketts and, more recently, the prominent writer Mario Vargas Llosa.


Maximum temperature

22ºC / 72ºF

Minimum temperature

9ºC / 48ºF

Distance from Lima

1.009 Km

(14 hours by car)


2.923,53 km²


1'259,800 inhabitants


August 15, 1540


Spanish Language

International Telephone Number